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Why Sparkle?

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Fantastic tools

Sparkle’s ease of use comes from all the built-in components that make setting up a website with rich media and great typography a snap.


Find out about all the more advanced features and techniques in these pages:


And try for yourself by downloading a free trial now.


Sparkle is about building entire websites, not just individual pages. For example it’s easy to share your site header or footer across multiple pages and integrate analytics.


What’s new in Sparkle 2.0?

Visual layout and formatting

Images and galleries

Video and audio

Proudly Sparkle

Celebrating gorgeous bespoke designs in responsive sites, entirely built with Sparkle.


Unfair advantage

A modern website is more about the structure and content than about a “theme” or “template”, but a blank page can be daunting. This is why we launched to feature beautiful designs you can work with, and we have just added a bunch of new designs sporting 2.0 features.

What users say

"We used to create comps in Photoshop for developers. With Sparkle we have our sites up and running in hours rather than weeks.”

— Hossein Farmani, Founder and Curator, The Lucie Awards, IPA - International Photography Awards

"We use Sparkle to create hundreds of quick landing pages to test our marketing strategies, Sparkle has saved us many hours of development time.”

— David Tera, Director of Marketing, IDA - Int'l Design Awards

“I have tried out many different tools to create websites, but none of them can top Sparkle.”

— Philip Amour, Product Designer

"Sparkle has been awesome. A real godsend. Truly fantastic.”

— Sebastiaan de With, Graphic Designer

“When I discovered Sparkle it just blew my mind and I felt like dancing!”

— Peter Bladskog, Photographer

"Sparkle is very much what I was looking for the last 10 years”

— Daniel Schoeneck, Design Teacher, Bern University of the Arts

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